What to Look for When Buying Sailing Clothes?

Investing in good sailing clothes will prove to be worth every cent you spend. This is because a good sailing garment protects you from poor weather conditions so you can just continue with your sailing activity without compromising the excitement of the whole experience. But, how do you choose the best type of sailing clothes? Below are some helpful tips for you to consider:

Three-Layering System

This is one of the most important aspects of a sailing clothing item that should not be taken for granted. These three layers allow you to better adapt to the changing weather while you’re at sea. For example, you may choose to take away one layer whenever you want to feel cooler especially when the weather gets hot and you’re in the middle of the sea. Or, it should enable you to add more layers when you need to preserve that feeling of warmth during cold weather. It should also have a layer that would make you comfortable despite how many times or how long you stay in the water.

Fiber-Rich Base Layer

The base layer of your sailing clothes will also serve as the transfer layer. This is the layer that allows you to retain your body heat while also keeping your skin dry by making you perspire. This is a very important capability of the base layer because if it does not help you generate sweat then you run the risk of feeling cold while sailing. So, no matter what the weather is the type of clothes you wear while sailing must possess this kind of base layer. For it to serve as a good base layer, it should be fiber-rich that not only retains heat. It should also provide great breathability without compromising your ability to move. If you’re sailing on a sunny day, it is best to wear clothing with UV resistant fabric.

Water-Repellent Mid-Layer

This mid-layer, which also means the second layer of your sailing clothes, should help your body remain at the right temperature. It should also allow the easy removal of moisture and perspiration. This is why it is important that you choose the type of sailing clothes that has a mid-layer which is made of water-repellent fleece or soft-shell. These types of fabric make you capable of adjusting to the intensity of the wind and the cold temperature as it also guarantees that you remain in your ideal thermal balance. Don’t worry; it doesn’t have to be super-expensive. You can always look for sailing clothes shop discount to give you what you need without breaking the bank.

Waterproof Outer Layer

The outer layer of your sailing clothes must consist of two things. It should have a sailing jacket that’s waterproof, as well as salopettes. Being waterproof is not the only factor to consider. But, it should also be breathable. This way, you will not only be protected from the moisture that’s coming from outside. Your body is also very well protected from the moisture inside. If you’re a recreational sailor, you may just opt for an outer layer that’s made from oilskin fabric which has a lower level of waterproofing system approximately from two to four hours. But, if you will be sailing on high seas, make sure you buy the one that has a very high waterproofing system, along with a high breathability rating. Its technical hood must also be adjusted to different levels.

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