Tips for Staying Healthy and Fit

Do not be fooled into thinking that to stay fit all you have to do is eat less. This might make you wonder the ways of staying fit and healthy while maintaining a perfect Body Mass Index. There are several things you can try and several practices that you can fit into your daily lifestyle in order to have a healthy life. Here are some of them.


The most important thing about your to-do-list-to-become healthy is exercising. Most are used to sit for hours in front of our televisions and computers thanks to our busy lifestyles. This is one of the main reasons for obesity or even increase of high cholesterol levels. Take at least thirty minutes of your day to do a little bit of exercise. You do not have to start by doing exercises for long hours. Start off by taking walks during a break or in the morning or afternoon. This helps to burn calories in your body. Good exercise can improve the functions of the heart and lungs and is also good for your mental health.

Eat Healthy

Unfortunately, a lot of people try eating less and less to get a thinner body instead of trying a balanced diet to have a healthy body. The key to having a fit body, however, is to have a balanced diet where you get all the required nutrients at the right amount and an adequate amount of water. Eating less oily and sugary food, having more proteins, vitamins and minerals in your diet, having only a little of carbohydrates or starch in your meal will help you to balance the nutrients that enter your body. Try to eat less fast, greasy food as much as possible too. If are unsure of how to start a good diet you can always ask for nutritional advice from Get Going PT to kick off your diet plans.

Go Out

Going out in the sun is considered as one of the ways that can improve your mental health. Due to our busy schedules we are made to stay inside office rooms or classrooms for hours and hours staring at screens. While at home, take a little bit of your free time to go out in the sun. This will also help your body to receive essential vitamin D and you can get a perfect tan too! But, remember that too much of anything can be harmful. Use sunglasses and a good sunscreen if you are going out in the sun. Especially be careful of the sunlight between 10 am to 3 pm as this is when the sunlight is strongest.

Less Drinking and Smoking

Smoking and drinking alcohol are two addictive habits that can result in causing too much of diseases in your body. Excessive smoking can lead to disease such as cancer while alcohol addiction is one of the main reasons behind heart failures, high cholesterol levels and cirrhosis. The best solution to avoid such diseases is to stop drinking and smoking completely but for someone who is addicted to them is a difficult task. However, with the right amount of willpower and help from experts specialized in guiding people through their addictions, it is possible to stop drinking and smoking, gradually.

Rather than following unhealthy and extreme means such as tiring yourself out with too much workout or starving yourself, following the healthy habits is the right thing to do, if you want to live a healthy lifestyle.

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